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July 2nd, 2015

The Value of Respite in FamilyHome

We hear the word respite and most of us think “a break”.  But for those individuals who live with families in the community through our FamilyHome program, respite can be much more than just “a break”.  For some it is just time away from home and a change of scenery.  For others, it is a mini vacation or a sleepover with treats and movies at someone else’s home.

Sometimes when respite has taken place with the same family for years, it becomes a relationship with a family who is friends with them, cares about them, gives them advice, supports them to be the best they can be and may even welcome them into their family.  This has happened on a couple of occasions when an individual, for one reason or another, needed a home to live in and a family that had been doing respite stepped up to the plate and said, “Please come to my home.  We care about you and would love for you to join our family.”  What a beautiful way to begin a new journey!

~Michelle Boismier, FamilyHome Support Coordinator


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