Annual Declaration

Each year, staff, FamilyHome Providers and Respite Providers at Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region are required to review and acknowledge EAFWR policies and procedures as well as fulfill Quality Assurance Measures mandated by the Ministry. Additionally, this Annual Declaration allows you to declare any changes to required information, like your Driver’s Licence and Vehicle Insurance information, Police Vulnerable Sector Check, contact information and address, etc.


Abuse Prevention, Identification and Reporting Training

Under the Quality Assurance Measures (QAM) of the Services and Supports to Promote the Social Inclusion of Persons With Developmental Disabilities Act, 2008, Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region (EAFWR) is required to provide mandatory training on abuse prevention, identification and reporting. This include an annual refresher of this information with a questionnaire (found below), that is mandatory for all staff, FamilyHome Providers, Respite Providers and volunteers who have direct contact with people with developmental disabilities, who are receiving services and support.

Below is the Abuse Prevention, Identification and Reporting training, in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation. A PDF version is also available. When you have reviewed the presentation, in order to comply with the QAM regulation, you must complete the questions in the below Annual Declaration Form. When this is done, it will be noted in the EAFWR database that you have completed this training.

You may also review the Abuse Prevention, Identification and Reporting Training as a PDF.

If you have any questions about the Annual Declaration or any of its contents, please contact Kevin Guay at or 519 741-0190 x 240