February 24th, 2015

FamilyHome Soup and Song Night

P1090180P1090159 P1090170My first time at Soup and Song night was much more than what I had expected.   I anticipated the food and music, but the excitement and warm welcome from the community made the night.   We had many different kinds of soup, fresh bread, salads and desserts, with more than enough food to go around. After a chatty dinner, everyone gathered in the main room for the song portion of the evening; where what I thought was going to be a regular sing-along turned out to be a full concert. Not only were there the voices of approximately 40 people, but there were guitars, tambourines, maracas, even a banjo! As the songs slowed down and people started leaving, I found myself shaking hands with a man who said “welcome to the family!”, proving to me the community that is FamilyHome.

-Brianna Gaebel, BSW Placement Student