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June 4th, 2015

FamilyHome: The Student Experience

The most important thing I learned from my time with FamilyHome:

It Depends.

This seems to be the most common answer to many questions because every situation is so vastly different.  My experience being a student and working with the FamilyHome team has been wonderful in many different ways.  But the thing that has made it both equally exciting and a large learning curve is the individuality of each person’s situation.

Every FamilyHome is so different because the program requires you to carve out your ideal Home.  The work requires connection.  In order to serve people and their families in the best way possible, you really need to get to know them. If you don’t get to know families personally, how will you be able to support them in the most personal space there is? The Home.

As a student, it was an amazing chance to learn and I am sad to see it go!

~Brianna Gaebel, BSW Intern