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August 10th, 2015

It's All About Who You Know!

The old adage in finding a job, ‘it’s all about who you know’, is very pertinent to this story.  I work with a man who graduated high school a few years back and has had a variety of different part-time jobs.  He has liked them all, though was ready to make some changes in the type of work he was doing.  He was interested in both more, and regularly scheduled hours.  Further, much of the work he has done in the past was independent, and he was looking for a work environment where he would be working directly with others.  This man is very involved and connected to his community.  He knows most of the people on his street and in his neighbourhood, he enjoys spending time at the local recreation centre and volunteering in his community.  Something else he likes is going out for meals.  It is a result of his community mindedness and his love for going out that landed him with his new job.  He and the family he lives with have a favourite restaurant, one they frequent often and, as a result, have become very friendly with the owners.  When a position came up in the kitchen, they immediately contacted him to see if he was interested.  He went in for an interview that day, and started training the next.  He loves the job and has gotten a lot of positive feedback.  Had he just dropped off a resume who knows if he would have gotten the job?  But, because of a relationship he forged over time with the owners, he was the first person they contacted when the position came up.


Katie Hagedorn, FamilyHome Coordinator