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February 24th, 2022

Real friendships that last a lifetime

Americo is the hero of Stephanie’s house. While remodeling the kitchen, they discovered mice behind the dishwasher – and it was Americo who took care of the problem!

Stephanie also comments: “Rico’s regular chores include (daily) garbage and (weekly) organizing the garbage for the curb. 2x annually he also independently organizes and cleans the garage with very little input from me except for a final say on what to throw out.”

Americo and Matt gardening together

Americo doesn’t just make life better for his Provider’s family – he and his friends have serious skills in supporting each other. (Recognize Matt from last week?)

Stephanie again: “This is Rico and Matt having a blast and doing gardening. They both love to help, each having different skills, but work together so well as a team. Matt keeps Rico on task and helps him to see what needs to be cleaned and organized.”

The best relationships go both ways, and that’s what we’re growing here in FamilyHome: not charity, but real friendships that last a lifetime.


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