An opportunity for an adult with a developmental disability to live with a family and to share life together.


FamilyHome is an opportunity for an adult with a disability to live with a family and to share life together. Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region has provided this residential living opportunity for over 30 years and is guided in this program by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.

FamilyHome is a chance to welcome someone into your home and life, providing support as needed, as they become a full member of the home and family. No two families are the same and that’s the way we like it. The diversity of families is what makes FamilyHome thrive, as this provides adults supported in the program the full spectrum of what it means to be family.

The foundational elements of FamilyHome are to provide a caring, stable home environment that promotes acceptance, a focus on dignity, and helping to create relationships and communities of people to belong to. FamilyHome Providers will make an impact, but it’s never just a one way relationship. The mutual benefits are life changing.

Interested in applying for a FamilyHome opportunity? Please contact Michelle Boismier at 519-741-0190 ext. 249 or


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We've lived in Kitchener for 10 years with Caroline and Duane - it's me, Onam and Osman. We go to concerts together. We go on vacation. I work with Duane at drum circles.

Chris, 10+ years as a FamilyHome sharer

FamilyHome Providers

FamilyHome Providers are people in the community who are interested in sharing their lives and home with an adult with a disability. They can be couples, single people, a group of room-mates; they may have children or pets. They may live in town or in the country, an apartment, or a house. FamilyHome Providers go through a screening process and receive ongoing support from an Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region FamilyHome Coordinator. They are provided with training, regular respite and a per diem payment. Mostly, they are interested in building a long-term relationship and including another member in their home and family life.

We make sure the guys get to the doctors and the dentist for regular check-ups. We all leave in the morning to get to our various jobs and activities, and we all come home and have dinner together in the evening.

Laura & Jaime, long-time FamilyHome Providers

FamilyHome Respite

Time away from one another is important for all of us. It helps us re-energize and gain a clear perspective on things. This is also important for people in FamilyHome. Each family and adult with a disability want some time with other people. If you are interested in welcoming someone into your home for a short period, this is just the opportunity for you. Together, you can enjoy a weekend relaxing, having friends over, going to a movie or concert, being tourists together in a neighbouring city, or just having a lazy day with some snacks and staying in your PJ’s until noon. FamilyHome Respite Providers are screened and receive training, as well as a regular reimbursement for welcoming someone into their home.


What education or experience do you look for when recruiting new families?

We look first to attitude. We look for families who believe in welcoming people into their homes and lives. FamilyHome is not about having a roommate or boarder. Instead, it’s about sharing life together. It’s about supporting another person to be part of your family, and providing support so they can contribute and enjoy a meaningful life. In turn, families have the benefit of sharing their life with someone. Prospective FamilyHome Providers must be over 18, have a stable home, and have a primary source of income.

Do we have choice in who comes to stay? In turn, do people have choice in coming to stay with us?

YES! Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region is founded on relationships. We never want to pair people together who don’t enjoy each other’s company. We do a careful matching process to ensure the fit is right for everyone.

I have children. Can I still be a FamilyHome Provider or Volunteer Respite Provider?

YES! In our matching process, we will ensure the person coming to stay is comfortable with children, and in turn that your children are comfortable with them. Everyone has to be on board before a match moves forward.

I have more questions. Who do I contact?

You can contact Michelle Boismier, FamilyHome Program Manager for more information. Upon contact, you will receive more in depth information about the program and will be sent an information package.

Current FamilyHome Opportunities:

Visit our Work With Us page for current FamilyHome Provider Opportunities.

For more information about FamilyHome please contact Michelle Boismier at 519-741-0190 ext. 249 or